Giving to Charity While Sitting on My Couch

Years ago–I can’t remember when–I signed up to take surveys through a company called Survey Monkey. Apparently, they are the largest survey-taking corporation on the planet. When I take the surveys–about everything from the names of holiday-themed candles with scents like maple sugar and mistletoe (Mistletoe has a scent?) to what kind of educational videos I would show my children–I get to raise money for charity. Survey Monkey partners with certain organizations, and from their list, I get to choose which one I support with my survey donations.

An actual fortune-cookie fortune we got in some Chinese take-out.
An actual fortune-cookie fortune we got in some Chinese take-out.

The amount I raise per survey is 50 cents…yes, only 50 cents. But how easy is this? I sit on my couch, with my computer on my lap, and click some boxes to let an advertising group or marketing firm know what I think about their products. I’ve never had a problem giving my opinion; in fact, I (hesitate to say) have opinions on things I know nothing about. Maybe.

At the end of the survey, I click “finished” and then get the report of how much I’ve raised so far. At this point, my survey-taking has raised $42 for a charity called Water First International. I chose to support this organization because access to clean water is a critical issue in many places in the world. Each day, more than 840,000 people die due to water-related illness. Around the world, 750 million people lack access to clean, safe water. Numbers have to be in scale for me to grasp them, so here’s a bit of comparison:  That is almost 2 and 1/2 times the population of the U.S. 

How far has $42 gone in helping to solve the water crisis in this world? Not too far, I imagine. But from my own home, I’m helping to address the need, one survey at a time.

Even little wildflowers need to have water.
Even little wildflowers need to have water.

You want to take surveys for charity, too, you say? Just click here to peruse the Survey Monkey site, set up your own profile, and begin taking surveys. With each survey you take, you also earn the chance to try and win an Amazon gift card. But don’t do it for this reason–because I guarantee you, it won’t win you a gift card. I know; I’ve tried it over 80 times. And if you DO win a $100 Amazon gift card for your survey-taking? Well, then, I’ll eat my nose ring. Maybe.


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