Cookies for Firefighters

You’ve heard the quote that goes something like, every day, do something that makes you feel afraid? Well, Thursday, I did. Not the kind of scary that some might imagine–such as speaking publicly before hundreds of people. That doesn’t make me nervous. Sometimes the knowledge that I might GET IN TROUBLE makes me anxious.

Plenty of times I rock the boat and never think twice. Other times, I feel like that girl in seventh grade with the denim purse who left class to go to the restroom with the wrong group of students–and then got detention for doing so. Mortifying! (That was me, in case you’re wondering). Later the teacher changed her mind, so I didn’t have to suffer the embarrassment of DETENTION. But even at 41, I can feel that slight twinge of nerves that I might get scolded or told I’m an idiot or the like.

That’s a bit of what I felt when my sons and I pulled into the firehouse parking lot in our community on Thursday to drop off a few dozen homemade chocolate chip cookies as a gift to the firefighters. Worried that I’d park in the wrong area and block the fire truck or go in the wrong door and interfere with a training exercise or important equipment, I nonetheless put on some bright lipstick and grabbed the bag of cookies. I told my boys that they were NOT allowed to stay in the van, and we forged ahead. You know, doing something that makes you feel afraid and all.

Fresh-baked cookies.
Fresh-baked cookies.

The fire fighter who received the bag was all kinds of grateful. I told him that we wanted to thank them for their work and that we’d included an ingredient list for anybody concerned with food allergies. He thanked us profusely, and then we headed back to our van.

Bag o' cookies ready for the firefighters.
Bag o’ cookies ready for the firefighters.

My friend Nancy (who has the best ideas) clued me in to the idea of serving the fire fighters by taking them a home baked treat. So I added it to my list of “generous giving” things to do during the Lent season (the time during the Christian church calendar leading up to Easter).

To go along with the cookies, we penned a little note to them, thanking them for being rescuers and reminding them about the Rescuer–the reason we celebrate Easter.

Thanks to our local heroes.
Thanks to our local heroes.

The cookie recipe I used is one I’ve had for over a decade, taken from a Martha Stewart “Living” magazine that my Nana gave me before she died. The recipe gives options for three kinds of cookies:  thin and crispy, soft and chewy, and light and cakey. We baked the soft and chewy kind.

Martha Stewart magazine from 2003. I keep it for the cookie recipe.
Martha Stewart magazine from 2003. I keep it for the cookie recipe.
Three cookie options.
Three cookie options.

My family gave them thumbs up (I taste-tested only the batter). I’m hopeful that this small gift (and the effort invested) will comfort these fire fighters as they comfort others in crisis. And that they will know the ultimate Comforter Himself.


4 thoughts on “Cookies for Firefighters

  1. Allison, what a great story! Thanks for reminding me of how important it is to show gratitude to those who serve us. Jesus is teaching me a lot about gratitude these days. In a giveaway pile in our office I saw a small card that had these words on the cover–“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.” I placed it on my desk where I’ll see it every day, as a reminder to not only be grateful, but to show gratitude to others.


  2. Susan, I am so glad that the Lord showed you that little card! That is what I call a “God surprise.” I do hope that the little reminder will indeed spur you on toward love and good deeds and help you keep in mind the privilege we have to give thanks in all things. I appreciate your heart for Jesus.


  3. Thanks, Nancy! That is so great that you remember her name and connected with her on FB. I hope they feel appreciated by the people they protect! 🙂


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