Something New Saturday: Homemade Air Freshener

When living in a home for many years, one often finds items that have camped out in a nook or cranny for a while. In our pantry, for example, I noticed the other day a never-used pack of cheesecloth that my husband had bought years (I mean YEARS) earlier for some kind of food project he wanted to pursue. The project never materialized, and the cheesecloth remained untouched.

Cheesecloth from the pantry.
Cheesecloth from the pantry.

So I started searching for an idea online of what we could do with that cheesecloth. We found this easy one:  instructions on how to make a homemade air freshener using a jar, a jar ring (without the lid), some baking soda, essential oil, and cheesecloth. You could even dress it up for the holidays with a little ribbon or other decoration.

I had all those things already, so we put it together and popped it in our bathroom downstairs. Now we are enjoying the calming smell of lavender, and the baking soda is absorbing odors. Also, no need to spray air fresheners that blast out substances I may not want my children (or myself) to breathe. Just be sure not to shake this jar around once you get the baking soda in it–the cheesecloth is not actually a lid (since it allows air to escape through the jar), so the baking soda can fall out. I’d also recommend not mailing this as a gift to someone for that same reason.

Mason jar air freshener. Alas, somebody shook the jar.
Mason jar air freshener. Alas, somebody shook the jar.

An easy project, do-able with children, with a purposeful finished product. This is our “something new Saturday” to share with you today.


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