Something New Saturday: Donating Clothes through Community Recycling

I’m always on the hunt for inspiration wherever it might strike, and I recently came upon a vision for trying something new with old clothes, shoes, and the like.

I wrote in this post about spending hardly any money on myself for clothing–through making use of hand-me-downs, borrowed clothes, and freebie tables. But still, our family needs to off-load some of our own items at times. Occasionally, we might make a drop-off at Goodwill or donate to some other source–Soles for Souls, for instance, which has a collection bin for shoes set up in a coffee shop near our home.

Community Recycling offers another avenue through which to donate gently used clothing–and I tried it for the first time today! Community Recycling exists as a for-profit business that collects used clothes, shoes, and accessories in their “recycling for reuse” program. This keeps these materials out of landfills, offers charities in the U.S. ways to conduct fundraisers (the donated items are then sold overseas so that small-business owners there can boost their livelihood, with some of the funds going to the money-raising organization), and provides individuals with an easy-as-pie method of getting rid of old stuff while helping folks overseas. Since over 70% of the world’s population reuses clothing and shoes, Community Recycling is helping to meet a need. Micro-entrepreneurs and larger family-owned businesses can utilize the donations that we in the U.S. (who individually discard around 86 pounds of clothing and related items each year) pass along.

Closet teeming with clothes.
His ‘n’ hers closet teeming with clothes.

I found participating in Community Recycling to be so simple–I just sort through closets and drawers at my house, pack everything in a box, and affix the shipping label I download from the Community Recycling website. I arrange a pick-up with the post office (on their website, to which the CR website links) and put the boxes on our porch. No drop offs or hauling stuff around in our car–and I don’t have to pay for shipping.

Packed boxes ready to go.
Packed boxes ready to go.

Later I can check back on the CR website and learn where our family’s donations ended up elsewhere in the world–the completion of this little adventure, if you will.

Do you have some gently used clothing you’re ready to hand down? Consider giving Community Recycling a try.


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