Just the Right Thing at Just the Right Time

Last Saturday, my older son’s Cub Scout den held their end-of-year party. So many end-of-the-year events on our schedule this month…and it’s worth celebrating, worth marking the milestone of reaching goals. To mark the occasion, the boys in the den and their families gathered at one of our homes. And we grilled and ate and played. The boys and their siblings enjoyed their annual water balloon fight (which included pelting my husband, the den leader who moves up with these boys each year).

Before the festivities started–when the balloons were being filled with water by patient parents–one of the other mothers showed up ready to help. We greeted one another and then, after making a few trips outdoors to the grill and to the tables set up in the backyard, and then back in again, she made a comment about her hair.

Sweeping her long, dark hair off her back, she lamented the fact that she hadn’t worn her hair up.

“I have a ponytail holder in my purse–I always keep an extra one in there,” I told her. I grabbed the ponytail holder from the zipper pocket of my purse and handed it over to her–with joy.


I love discovering that I have just the right thing to help somebody at just the right time. It’s a beautiful feeling, recognizing that God orchestrates a perfect opportunity for my life to collide with another’s at just the moment of need, and to be able to bless that person with just the thing she needs. Just a ponytail holder? Maybe, but also a thing of beauty.


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