Giving (and Receiving) as We Begin Advent

Advent began this past Sunday, November 29–the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day. Last year, our family inaugurated a new tradition:  giving a gift a day during Advent, the season of joyful anticipation leading up to the celebration of Christ’s birth.

On the first day of Advent this year, our gift consisted of food–Korean food, to be exact. That afternoon, my husband and our boys made oodles and oodles of a Korean dish our family loves, mandu. In other cultures, they may be called dumplings. Filled with meat and shredded vegetables, they are delicious. My men folk made the filling and then stuffed the “skins” to make the mandu. Then we drove over to a family who is friends with all 4 of us–I’m friends with the wife; my husband is friends with the husband; our boys are friends with their boys. This is a family match made in heaven–plus, they have Korean heritage. So we gifted them with some of this freshly homemade mandu.

But we didn’t leave them empty handed. I came home with one of the pumpkins Emily had used for fall decor with tips on how to roast and then puree it. I’d done this before on a smaller scale before with butternut squash–but never with a pumpkin.

I ended up with 11 cups–11 cups!–of pureed pumpkin to store in my deep freeze. FOR FREE. To be made into pumpkin bread or muffins or soup. Ah, that deep freeze:  the gift that keeps on giving. Thanks, Emily! 

pumpkin puree


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