A Gift of Words

This morning, our family gathered around my husband’s lap top (not as warm as gathering around a fire, but still…we gathered) to give our gift for the day during this Advent season:  a letter to our sponsored child through the ministry of Compassion International.

When Mike and I got married, he’d been sponsoring a child in Indonesia. We continued supporting this boy, who has now grown into a man and graduated from the program. Then our family–with input from our sons–selected another child in need to sponsor through the Compassion program. He lives in Honduras with his mother and receives both physical and spiritual support through the Compassion partners there.

We send our monthly financial donation for his needs, and occasionally I write him a letter. Probably not as often as I should…

But when I woke up early this morning and shuffled down to the kitchen in the dark, with my ear plugs still in place, I decided we’d send a letter jointly composed by the whole family to this boy today. After all, we want to be more than some people who bank roll a few efforts to give this child a lift out of poverty–we dwell with him in the family of God, so we want to reach out to him as family.

We asked him about Christmas traditions and Christmas songs and told him we were praying for him to experience the comfort of Christ in any sorrows or worries he might experience. And with the click of a button, the letter was on its way.

If you want a meaningful way to assist those in poverty while helping to keep a family together (monetary assistance through this program helps children receive school supplies, food, medical assistance, etc.) I recommend joining with Compassion. You can even search for a child waiting for sponsorship who shares your birthday, if you’re looking for a special connection. Compassion is committed to showing and sharing the love of Christ, and we’re thankful to join them.

So we sent words as our gift for today, words for a special boy who speaks a different heart language than we do. But just a few days ago, I received some words of my own that were a gift to me.

anthology 2

I submitted a true story to a publishing group compiling an anthology in a series called “Life is a Journey–Not a Destination” a few months ago. They chose my story and included it in the installment titled “My Brush With Death.” Although it doesn’t sound like a cheery topic, all the stories have happy endings–including mine. And this week, I received my copy of the anthology, bound and bearing an ISBN number and everything. Although I didn’t receive payment for my piece, I love the thrill of seeing my work in print.

anthology 1

Back in the summer, I sent Rain Drop Press my words, and they sent them back to me packaged as a lovely gift–and I am a happy recipient.


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