Buy Fair in the New Year

When my 7 year-old asked me a few weeks ago what I wanted in my Christmas stocking, I thought for a moment and answered, “Dark chocolate.” He then asked what else I wanted in my stocking. I responded, with a smile, “More dark chocolate.”

My family listened, and I received not one but 6 of these gifts:  chocolate bar

It’s great-tasting chocolate–and it’s organic and fair trade, too. I would show you a photo of all 6, but I’ve already eaten a few. I received another fair-trade present for Christmas:  this lovely olive wood nativity scene–hand carved by an artisan overseas.


Fair trade commerce is a way to empower the poorest of the poor and to create sustainable changes in developing countries. It helps provide fair wages (“fair” is the operative word here), honoring the dignity of the workers.  Fair Trade means that our spending, as well as our giving, becomes a powerful force for good.

Gifts and special items aren’t the only purchases we can make within the fair trade model. We all spend money on basic, every-day needs–and we can buy those fair trade, too. My husband’s coffee, for instance:


As you think about plans, goals, or resolutions for the new year, consider supporting farmers, communities, and the environment through fair trade buying.

Here are a few places to shop for fair-trade goods…

Have a happy–and fair–new year!


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