Little Moments

I’ve been thinking about my word of the year this past month:  less. I’ve been contemplating the idea of less holding back, less staying quiet, when speaking up is right and good and needed.

Sometimes choosing to hold back less means choosing to do something small, something seemingly mundane–but making the effort nonetheless. Because each moment matters. Because we don’t know what is on the other side of that moment.

collander with pins 1

Once that moment of “less” led me to introduce myself to a woman at the mailboxes at my apartment back when I was single and living alone. I’d not seen her before, although I’d lived in that apartment complex for years. We talked for a few minutes, Heather and I, and I explained what I did on campus at Mississippi State–built relationships with college students who wanted to explore a deeper meaning in life and purpose through a relationship with Jesus.

In response, she told me that she had prayed just the night before that God would work in her life spiritually. And here we were, less than 24 hours later, discussing how to grow in our faith in God. The following night, she rode with me to the women’s Bible study I led.

Sometimes God shows up in the little moments, in the slivers of time and interaction with other people that can make an impact in their lives that ripples out far into their futures.

Sometimes God shows up in us.



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