When Not Enough is Enough

For my boys’ Easter baskets this year, I kept it simple–although not as simple as last year, when we got them each a pair of rubber mud boots. And that was it. This time around, though, I bought them each a craft kit to make a sun catcher; I also included some homemade cheez-its (they taste just like the store-bought kind but with no artificial anything.) P.S. I don’t roll them out and cut them anymore; I just roll a little ball of dough in my hand, squish it a bit, and place it on the baking sheet. In case you want to try them yourself.

I also added some homemade Rice Krispy treats to their Easter baskets that my boys have still not finished eating. They seem to be nursing them, eating just a little along. We make Rice Krispy treats quite a bit around here, actually. One of our traditions for camping trips involves making Rice Krispy treats to take with us for a camp-out.

We’ve made these little desserts together for years, my boys and I. Long ago, before we even started home schooling, we made these treats, and a life lesson emerged.

green leaves in vase

I’d gotten out an otherwise-empty bottle of oil to grease the dish into which I was putting the mass of sticky, gloppy Rice Krispy/marshmallow/butter mixture. I hoped we could get a few drops of oil out of that container, enough to grease the pan. I turned it upside down, and it dribbled out just the right amount for the job. “God ALWAYS give us enough,” I said to my boys as they sat on the kitchen counter. I smeared the oil around with my fingers, covering every inch of the inside of the dish, thinking about how God does provide enough to meet our needs.

Talking with a friend this week, though, I brought up the idea of what we should do when it doesn’t feel as though God gives enough. In different ways, she and I both have some burdens to carry that could, at times, tip us toward believing God does not provide enough, that He leaves us without resources.

This is where I try to steer my thoughts when I feel bereft and empty:  We have questions–Why? How long, Lord? Where are You?  But God doesn’t often give answers to those. What we CAN have, though, is perspective. We can approach our sense of lack, of longing, of wanting, rooted in what we believe to be true:  God is good. God is for us. He never abandons us. Choosing to place our trust in His character, we can operate out of the hope that He DOES give enough–it just might not be as we expect, might not be in the way we had wanted. It might cripple us with disappointment when we see with our own eyes how God has provided. But I am banking my life on the truth that He will.

flower in hand

For me, choosing to trust what God has already told me about Himself helps me to trust that He does give enough, even when it doesn’t feel like it. And sometimes, choosing to trust Him lets me see a few drops of oil cover an entire pan and to experience His character in the midst of it.




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