My {Faithful} Pink Shirt

I have this shirt–it’s bright pink. Fuchsia, perhaps–or even fruit punch. I received it as a hand-me-down from my sister. I have a long history of wearing second-hand pieces (I blogged about this practice HERE).

I like the shape of this top. It fits me well; the color suits me. The fabric has some stretch and give to it, which I also like. Here it is, in living color…I covered over the brand name, as you can see. I wear it. A. LOT.

pink shirt

I wore this shirt to LEGOLAND to celebrate my younger son’s birthday last fall; I’ve worn it to my children’s soccer practices and games. To a doctor’s appointment for myself; to a dentist appointment for my children. Under a cardigan on a chilly day; with a necklace to get tea with a friend; out to dinner during a conference. This shirt is versatile (because I say it has to be). With jeans, with shorts, with cowboy boots.

Why must it be versatile? Because I don’t own or keep heaps of clothing. I wear the same pieces over and over, until I wear them out. I simply don’t need to hang on to lots of clothes. And I wonder if any of us does. I value a simple, frugal lifestyle.  I like to travel light through this life when it comes to material possessions. I’ve come to believe that, when we travel by faith, we can travel light–because we are trusting Jesus for what we need.

Less stuff to maintain, less to wash. Would you believe that, in our family of 4–including two young boys–I do not wash more than 3 loads of laundry in a typical week? We don’t wash an article of clothing every time it’s worn–only when it is dirty. We use our towels more than once before throwing them in the hamper. I’m sure corporations that manufacture laundry detergent would like to tell us this practice isn’t healthy. But really, did our great-grandparents wash their clothes or towels after a single use?

In our country, most people wear something different each day. Not so in many other places–including my house. In fact, if you saw me daily in a given week, you might find me wearing the same shirt several days in a row. It might even be that pink one.

I like to put together cute outfits, sure. But I don’t enjoy investing lots of thought and energy into fashion decision making. Plus, after watching this documentary on Netflix–The True Cost–I’m more convicted than ever to maintain a frugal fashion outlook. The laborers who produce “fast fashion” make a product that is cheap for customers to buy but costly to their own health and safety.

So let’s hear it for that second-hand hot pink shirt–and for the places I’ve worn it, the places I’ve yet to wear it, and the money I save because of it. Do you have a piece of clothing that goes the extra mile for you? 


4 thoughts on “My {Faithful} Pink Shirt

  1. I’m so with you on this, Allison. I pared down the amount of clothes I own a couple of years ago, and now have only a few pieces. I like to get pants in neutrals along with colored tops, and I love to mix and match. Because of these different combinations, it looks like I have more than I do. Because of this change in my life, choices are much simpler. As for dresses, I only have three. Two are for regular use, and the third is for special occasions like my nephew’s wedding last August.

    I’m also trying to own much less in other areas, as well. When I sold my house and moved a couple of years ago, I got rid of a lot. Now, I’m beginning to gradually go through everything I have, a little each week. My goal is to each week get rid of a box of things I don’t need. I’m looking forward to less clutter, more open space, and a freer mind. I read somewhere recently that when our houses are cluttered, our minds are also cluttered. I believe it because I’ve experienced it. Thank you for sharing your journey towards simplicity.


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