Merry Merry Month of May

As this month draws to a close, I for one feel relieved. Even for home school families, the month of May can be jam-packed. We’ve finished soccer and {more or less} finished Cub Scout activities for the year. Our annual home school evaluations take place tomorrow. My schedule will blessedly open up to wider margins and more open-ended evenings and weekends in just a few days.

But before we end this month of May flowers brought on by April showers, I thought I might write about what I’ve been into lately.

Photo credit:  Jennifer Brukiewa
  1. Quick wash cycle on my washing machine:  I read a blog post recently that featured money-saving tips. Most advice of this kind I already embrace (no paper towels, cut my family’s hair–as well as my own–cut out cable TV). But I found a new-to-me idea:  using the quick wash cycle on my washing machine instead of the regular wash cycle. I have done this now with each laundry load for weeks, and so far, it’s as clean as ever it was. I’m thrilled that the wash time has been reduced from 56 minutes to 38 minutes per load. (Funny thing to be thrilled about, I know). It saves electricity, money, and time.
  2. Making washing soda from baking soda:  I have made 2 batches of homemade dishwasher detergent tabs and been pleased with the results. I like DIY projects of this sort; plus the tabs look pretty in a jar in my kitchen. But one of the ingredients–washing soda–can be expensive. Then I found a blog post describing how to turn regular ol’ baking soda into washing soda for use in homemade cleaners. I bought a gargantuan bag of baking soda at Sam’s Club and transformed it into washing soda last week. I have 2 jars waiting to be used when I make the next batch of dishwasher tabs next month.
  3. Book page wreath:  With a little help, I turned a free, second-hand book; a piece of pizza box; and some metal twists from broken clothespins (my boys used them making a fort–what else would one do with clothespins, right?) into this:  book page wreathIt also took some glue and a glue gun, plus a bit of twine I already had–and now we have a handmade craft to adorn our wall.
  4. A new opportunity:  A couple months ago, I learned about an initiative called Women of Vision from a friend of a friend. For years, I’ve dreamed of joining or launching a group just like this–a collection of women passionate about giving of themselves to serve the physically poor in the love of Christ. It’s still in embryonic stages, but I’ve already contacted women in my area about joining me in this new venture. Still waiting to receive the info pack, but I feel hopeful about what’s on the horizon.

When I stop to ponder, I can see that bright new beautiful things are afoot even in the midst of a whirling dervish of a month. God is like that, isn’t He? Drawing our attention to His work in our lives when we take time to notice. 


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