Craft for a Cause

Sometimes when I’m hankering for some kind of inspiration–something new to do or try or make–I look at magazines. I actually peruse them online through Zinio, which I can use for free courtesy of my local public library. Last year, a magazine article spurred on this idea  which gave my boys and me a meaningful way to serve the community.

This time around, I discovered another organization that invites people to join them in their work to help others. It’s called The Confetti Foundation, and it exists to bless children who must spend their birthdays in the hospital. The Confetti Foundation recruits volunteers to serve as “birthday fairies,” and these generous folks deliver birthday party kits to hospitalized children. Other people can pitch in by making and sending in birthday cards to the organization’s headquarters.

birthday cards 3

I don’t usually make birthday cards–I tend to value the words over the presentation–but I do understand the value of sending cheerful, bright greetings to kids who find themselves in sad circumstances on their birthdays. I thought creating these cards with friends would be a fun way to serve children while getting girl time.

birthday cards 1

Two friends of mine–Clarice and Heather–joined me at my house at the end of May for a craft night. Clarice brought her extensive stamp collection; I had pages of scrapbook paper left over from a paper fortune cookie project I undertook to celebrate a dear friend’s 40th birthday last year. All this, plus markers and scissors and glue, and between the 3 of us, we crafted 16 cards. Connection with other women was the best part, but we all enjoyed seeing our stack of cards grow over the evening.

As we prepared to move into our new-to-us house last summer, I told my husband that this home could potentially change my life. That may or may not have been a bit of hyperbole–I like having people over much more in our current home than I did in our last place; in the past 10 months we’ve lived in this house, I’ve opened our doors in hospitality more than I did in the final 2 years at our old place. And I’m glad that one of those times was to host Heather and Clarice and make a bundle of these birthday cards.


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