Sartorial Splendor: Recycled

Earlier this spring, I blogged about a handy-dandy hand-me-down hot pink shirt that I wear with some regularity in this post. It’s no secret I treasure secondhand clothes; I’m not alone. The actor Luke Wilson, who appears in lots of indie films? I read on that he–youngest of 3 brothers–grew up wearing the older brothers’ cast offs. His bio on credits him with this quote:  “Having older brothers, I always had the benefit of inheriting clothes that were perfectly broken in. I like hand-me-downs.”

The give-away table at my husband’s office produces some fascinating finds. Recently, Mike came home with a few pieces that he pulled from his computer bag. One item especially delighted me, and with the addition of a few more secondhand goodies, I made an outfit. Have a look-see:


Mike brought me the top/dress from his office. I added a belt (hand-me-down from one of my sisters-in-law); leggings I bought last year at Transitions re-sale boutique in Orlando (it supports the Samaritan Village ministry; I volunteered at Transitions for about a year); strappy shoes handed down from my sister; and the bracelet Mike got me in Thailand as a “push” gift when I birthed our first child. The jewelry is the only piece here that isn’t secondhand. Bonus:  The top has pockets.

I got the loose, swing-y top last week. But I waited until today to take photos because my bangs were behaving so nicely this morning for church. A few years ago, I read that some beauty expert declared bangs were “better than Botox.” I cut mine myself and have for years–which works well because they are intentionally not-so-precise. They do help cover the forehead wrinkles (which my younger son used to call “stripes.”) Here’s one of the DIY haircut tutorials I’ve used. A quality pair of shears is essential if you plan to do this, though–you don’t want to cut your hair in chunks.

How ’bout you? Have you put together any sartorial sweets from hand-me-downs lately? Let’s see ’em.



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