Wear It Well Wednesday: Black and White

Last year, not long after starting my blog in January 2015, I inaugurated a feature I like to call “Something New Saturday.” And I blogged about new things I tried, such as making homemade air freshener, dryer balls, and “tea” from pine tree needles.

I thought I might institute another special feature on ye olde blog and call it “Wear it Well Wednesday.” I like to share with you my outfits concocted from hand-me-downs, so my Wear it Well Wednesday posts will consist of just that. I wrote this post about a second-hand outfit, and y’all seemed to like reading about it–so I thought, hey, let’s give the people what they want.

The first ensemble in this series is…drum roll, please…the one pictured below! Here’s the skinny  on these threads:  Shirt:  picked up for free from the give-away table at my husband’s office; Skirt:  hand-me-down from my mama; Shoes:  freebies from a clothing swap a friend held almost 2 years ago; Necklace: gift from my friend Heather; Bracelet:  Valentine’s Day gift from my older son from a few years ago bought (with help from his daddy) at Plato’s Closet, a national consignment shop selling second-hand stuff.

Y’all, my fashion mindset in college often centered around getting dressed simply so I wouldn’t go around naked. One summer, a friend told me I was going to have to work hard to come up with outfits that matched less and less (that was back when matching was more of a thing). But I like to think I’ve come into my own now. That must have been what I was thinking of as I leaned back against our living room wall pensively.

So, welcome to Wear it Well Wednesday! May the hand-me-downs be ever in your favor!






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