Wear it Well Wednesday: Blue Polka Dots

Welcome back to Wear it Well Wednesday, my blog series chronicling adventures in hand-me-downs! Thanks for visiting again. Today’s installment:  The blue polka dot dress. Both the dress (which is actually 2 pieces:  a dark slip dress worn underneath the sheer polka dot number on top) and the belt are second-hand from a sister-in-law (I have 2, and they BOTH have great style. Clearly I benefit from that, right?!)

And then…Cowboy boots! Muh boots, y’all. I received these as a Christmas present from my parents a few years ago and wear them frequently. Although not hand-me-downs, they were free to me (and thus help me in my goal to spend almost nothing on clothes.) I wrote a post last year showcasing several dressy outfits I wear with these boots (and a great place to buy second-hand pieces to support women overcoming human trafficking and life on the streets.)

The bracelet is the same one from an outfit worn in an earlier post (bought for me by my husband while on a ministry trip to Thailand). And then…There’s the whimsical, romantic stare. I’m dreaming of…Clean laundry? Getting into pajamas? World peace?Your guess is as good as mine.

When we purchased  this house last summer, every room had been painted the same color. Here, I am standing in our kitchen, but our living room walls look much the same.  Well, the walls in all the rooms look much the same. We have so far elected to keep the paint colors as is. Maybe one day we will give each set of walls its own personality.

When I was a teenager, I thought polka dots were for little kids. Not any more! This big girl loves them.



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