Wear It Well Wednesday: Gray Top and Jeans

Welcome back to Wear It Well Wednesday, a veritable celebration of the letter ‘W.’ Today’s post is brought to you by this hand-me-down gray, swing-y top; skinny jeans (also second hand); and cowboy boots.

The shirt came to me courtesy of the trusty give-away table at my husband’s office. I’ve actually seen this table (it’s more of a counter, actually, in the room where they keep supplies and where mail gets delivered), and sometimes people put their children’s old toys on this table. Or even cans, jars, or boxes of food that they don’t want. My husband brought home some spicy pickled okra from that counter once (unopened, of course). My mama makes homemade pickled okra, which we love, and we enjoyed the give-away jar of okra, too.

The jeans were handed down to me from a sister-in-law, and they fit so well. The are snug on my calves, so I tuck them into my boots (which were a gift–thus, free to me–but not hand-me-downs). The necklace I also received as a gift and wear often. I used bobby pins to pull up my hair, but I also wear ponytail holders nearly every day. They, too, are hand-me-downs:  I often find a random ponytail holder at a playground or parking lot or soccer field. My sons keep an eye out for them, too. My hair has gone back and forth from short to long and various lengths in between for years, but I always have a supply of ponytail holders on hand.

Not only do my sons pick up hair ties for me, they also take photos. Woodrow took this one, and I have to give him credit. I reminded him to hold the phone very still while he snapped the photos, and he certainly did.

I got a compliment on this shirt not long ago, and that means second-hand gives me another reason to smile. Happy Wednesday!

gray top            gray top with jeans


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