Wear It Well Wednesday: Pink Dress

When I was 26, I volunteered at my church’s MOPS program. (That’s Mothers Of Pre-schoolers, for the uninitiated). I didn’t have a pre-schooler then; I didn’t even have a roommate at the time. But I did have Thursday mornings off that school year.

My team and I (serving college students at Mississippi State University) often held evening meetings, and our big weekly gatherings took place on Wednesday nights. So our director gave us Thursday mornings off for a few semesters.

Every other Thursday, I served the MOPS group by caring for the 4- and 5-year-olds. One Thursday morning, I took my little group of boys and girls—Clark and Rachel and Enoch and others—outside to play and made a joke about the clothes I was wearing. That morning, I’d put on a tomato red t-shirt I’d gotten from a scholarship program during high school (so that shirt was 8 years old) and a pair of lemon yellow hand-me-down Umbro shorts. And, yes, that “outfit” was probably as bad as it sounds. I quipped to those kids that I was dressed like ketchup and mustard. Ha, ha, kids! Miss Allison is wearing ketchup and mustard!

Those children looked at me as if to say, “Oh, our sense of humor is MUCH more sophisticated.”

Well, today’s “Wear it Well Wednesday” outfit features no t-shirts, shorts, or fruit-and-vegetable-inspired colors. But, of course, it DOES showcase some hand-me-downs.


This frothy pink dress came from the same sister-in-law who handed down the blue polka dot dress I shared on a previous week’s “Wear It Well Wednesday” post. I love the ethereal look of it (and “ethereal” is one of my favorite words). The black shoes are the same pair I’ve worn with previous outfits, the ones I picked up at a friend’s clothing swap a few years back.

The curtains in the background? Handmade courtesy of Mama. And in case you were wondering, we don’t wear our shoes inside the house. Having lived for a year in eastern Europe and also being married to an Asian man, I’ve learned that wearing shoes inside the house doesn’t make much sense. We are a “shoe-less household,” except for when I’m taking photos for Wear It Well Wednesday posts, obviously.

This outfit:  completely free. Folks, that’s how I wear it well—on Wednesdays or on other days.


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