Wear It Well Wednesday: Green Dress

For this edition of Wear It Well Wednesday, I’m posing beside our chimney. You can see the firewood near my feet. I think  we built 3 fires in our fireplace this past winter–not many, but at least I got the chance to read a book to my boys by the fire. There’s something so cozy-sounding about that, isn’t there? And that we can enjoy a little fireside reading even in central Florida is a blessing, to be sure.

So here’s the scoop on this week’s outfit…In July, we traveled back to Mississippi for my grandfather’s 90th birthday. While there, my mama gave me heaps of things from her closet that she wanted to pass along. Hand-me-downs galore, y’all! Most, however, have been bagged up for the women’s clothing swap to be held later in August to benefit the fundraising efforts of Women of Vision-Orlando. (See this post for more details about that.) My wardrobe bases are all essentially covered, so I haven’t kept much from Mama’s stash. I did, though, decide to hang onto this dark teal/almost-hunter green dress.

teal dress with belt

I bought the belt I’m wearing when Mike and I lived in New Zealand pre-children. We got it on sale for $1 at a factory store selling New Zealand wool products. (Did you know that there are more sheep in New Zealand than people?) It’s almost 12 years old, so even though it’s not second-hand, I have worn it enough to make it worth the cost.

My necklace is an antique pendant my parents got for me as a present several years ago. Then Mama added a new, thin gold chain to the pendant. It has shades of brick red and dark green that compliment both the belt and the dress. And, of course, cowboy boots! Also a gift from my parents…

Putting on the outfits to take these Wear It Well Wednesday pictures always seems fun at first–like a grown-up game of dress-up. Then we take some shots; I look at those and hate them instantly. Then we take more shots. I look critically at those and go for another round. For this ensemble, we took about a dozen shots by the chimney; then we got too hot and went inside to try some photography there. Those pictures all looked too dark, so I deleted those and dragged Woodrow back outside for more. He was such a good sport about it, though, and here’s the result! All so I can help us catch a vision for making second-hand look sumptuous.


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