Wear It Well Wednesday: Goodies From the Clothing Swap

On the final Saturday of August, our Women of Vision-Orlando group held our long-awaited women’s clothing swap to raise money for the mother and child healthcare fund we’ve been hoping to support. We far exceeded our goal, and some women who came to “shop” expressed interested in becoming part of our group.

I came back with some great pieces for myself–and about a dozen bags of leftover items that will hopefully be divided up between some Cru staff in Africa (who can also share with families in their area) and some people in the flood-ravaged areas of Louisiana.

I picked up a sun hat, a funky shirt, and this necklace:

purple top with necklace

I wore it to church last week (with the clothes seen here) and was complimented on it by another woman there. Claudia called this piece of jewelry “yummy and romantic.” I couldn’t agree more! The rest of the outfit:  The shirt–which looks blue here but is actually more of a royal purple–came from the give-away table at hubby’s office. I think the detail on the sleeves makes the shirt special. This second-hand skirt arrived to me courtesy of my sister; it’s a dark brown corduroy. No, it’s not really corduroy season in Florida, but then again, it rarely is.

Hand-me-downs:  Because there are so many better things on which to spend money. Such as afternoon tea with a friend at The Lemon Lily Tea Room If you live (or travel) near Oviedo, Florida, this charming little shop is worth the visit.

Want to be a guest blogger for my Wear It Well Wednesday series? Shoot me a message. You may see your own threads featured here.



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