Wear It Well Wednesday: Second-Hand Homecoming

In the past few weeks, I’ve seen many photos on Facebook of my friends’ teens going to their schools’ homecoming dances. Back in the old days, homecoming festivities at my school did include a dance. But we never dressed up or wore wrist corsages. After the football game, my marching band friends and I would change out of our band uniforms and into jeans. We’d walk to the school gym from the band hall, pay our $3 entry fee, and have a grand time–despite having sweaty hair from having worn a band hat for hours.

But I got a bit inspired from the homecoming-themed pictures this fall and decided to do my own rendition in this week’s “Wear It Well Wednesday” post, where we celebrate all things hand-me-down. So here I am wearing a navy blue dress picked up second-hand (for free) at a clothing swap almost 3 years ago. I haven’t worn it much, but when I do, it’s with these cowboy boots, of course (gift from my parents years ago). Even the socks I’m wearing with the boots are hand-me-downs–don’t worry; they were clean when I got them.

My sister gave me this charming clock necklace a few Christmas seasons past. I like long necklaces, and I think this one goes well with the dress.

The bracelet was a surprise gift from my great, great friend Lynn this past March when we got together in Crystal Springs, Mississippi, for a girls’ weekend. It’s from the KEEP Collective. Among other pieces, it features a cross and the word ‘hope.’

A homecoming-worthy outfit centered around a hand-me-down dress–minus the wrist corsage. Happy homecoming, y’all.




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