Generous Living

I’ve been a bit quiet on ye olde blog this week. Mike went to California for a conference (he returns in about 8 hours), and the stomach virus hit Woodrow and me while I’ve been flying solo as a parent. I hope you aren’t reading this while eating lunch, or eating anything, for that matter. Fair warning regarding TMI:  I broke my 9-year no-vomit streak in the wee hours of Thursday morning. But poor Woodrow had it much worse.

I haven’t had much capacity to sit down and create a new blog post, much as I do love writing. But I did want to share with you about the article I wrote about our Women of Vision group here in Orlando that got published this week.

Click this link to read it. And I know it’s not a Wear It Well Wednesday, but I must brag on the shirt-jacket I’m wearing in the photo that accompanies the article. I picked it up (second-hand, of course) at our clothing swap in late August, where we raised funds for Women of Vision projects. I wore it for the first time a few weeks ago. Sticking my hand in one of the pockets of the top that night, I pulled out a $5 bill that I know I didn’t put there. A great hand-me-down wardrobe piece PLUS $5 more to add to our Women of Vision funds:  That’s what you call a win-win, y’all.

I hope you enjoy this month of giving thanks, and that you are moved to give generously. I hope, too, that my brief article (link above) inspires you to live out thanks as well as to give thanks.




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