What I Love about Advent

Advent began yesterday, the time in the Christian calendar leading up to the celebration of Christmas–what we honor as the first coming of Jesus. We ushered in this season yesterday by decorating our Christmas tree in the Lee household and breaking numerous ornaments in the process. Woodrow dropped 2; I accidentally kicked over an angel figurine that I didn’t see on the floor, rendering it headless. The string of one decoration broke as I placed it on a tree branch; it fell and chipped, too. Mike super-glued 2 of them back together; a couple others went in the trash. And we carried on until time to go to church.

For several years, I’ve had our family experience Advent by giving a gift a day. Our first gift of this year’s Advent season consisted of 2 cans of black beans and a can of tomatoes given to a local church’s food pantry. Then we began our Advent Scripture reading together last night before bedtime. The boys stacked up our children’s Christmas books on a shelf in the living room on Saturday, and I read Silver Packages to them at lunch time today. I don’t have enough children’s Christmas books to read one each day to the boys during Advent, but that’s no problem:  The Best Christmas Pageant Ever will take a few days. The boys love it when I give voice to the Herdman child in this story, who calls out, “Hey! Unto you a child is born!”

Another book I love for Advent is a compilation of stories by Lucy Maud Montgomery, author of the Anne of Green Gables books. The title is Christmas with Anne and Other Holiday Stories.  I first read this book several Christmas seasons ago. I enjoyed these sweet, heartwarming stories so much that I decided I’d buy a copy (second-hand, of course) and re-read this every year. I also bought a copy for my mama and for a good friend.


This year will mark my 4th reading of this collection of stories. I read them aloud to the boys last year, and they were not fans. I’d actually rather read them to myself, anyway. I haven’t started the book yet for this year; I’m waiting so I can savor the stories. Perhaps predictable, endearingly tender…these stories that are filled with the simple joys of giving and sharing are something I love about Advent.


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