Wear It Well Wednesday: A Day at the Park

Saturday after Thanksgiving, we packed up our lunch and the boys’ fishing gear, and we headed to Moss Park to spend the day. We’ve camped at Moss Park numerous times–we were also there for our Cub Scout push cart races in September–but this was the first time we’d visited this park without an event to attend.

We’d had a few chilly days before this, so I wasn’t sure how to dress that day. I decided to split the difference and wear shorts with a long-sleeved t-shirt. I spent approximately 4.3 seconds making up my mind about this, so I’m not sure it was actually a “decision.”

But here’s what I wore…The coral-colored long-sleeved hoodie came to me as a cast-off from my sister Rachel. The shorts also were formerly hers. My shoes were purchased second-hand (from eBay, I believe), and they are so useful. They’re Keens, which is normally an expensive brand. But my second-hand pair is as good as brand-new.

Even the sunglasses are hand-me-downs, picked up by my husband from the give-away table at his office. I don’t know if this ensemble officially qualifies as an “outfit,” but it’s what I wore. And this oak tree root system made a great place to sit and rest.

Looking for a place to enjoy a nature walk in Orange County during this luscious weather? Moss Park is a great pick. The entry does cost a few dollars–depending on how many people are in your vehicle–but I think it’s well worth it. Other favorite parks of mine in and around Orlando:  Dickson Azalea Park, Langford Park, and our family’s newest discovery, Lake Como Park. Enjoy this season and be sure to spend lots of time outside.




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