Wear It Well Wednesday: Eggplant Top and Jeans

When I was 17, I got chosen to represent our county at a state-wide scholarship program for young women. The name back then was Young Woman of the Year; now it’s called Distinguished Young Women. Practicing for the state program, I received some advice from a woman who taught at the college level. Her instructions were not to wear purple in my interview with the judges. “Purple is the kiss of death,” her info packet for interview success read.

I didn’t wear purple for my interview with the panel of judges, but I couldn’t discern why purple was such a poor choice for interviewing. I’ve always thought purple was a good color for me. So this edition of Wear It Well Wednesday features me in purple–eggplant, to be exact. Forgive the slight blurriness of the photo–it looked so much clearer before I re-sized it for this blog post. Woodrow snapped the photo for me and took extreme care to get me in the appropriate light out in what we call our “side” yard.

The eggplant/purple shirt arrived at our house courtesy of our friend and ministry supporter, Vivian, along with other hand-me-downs from her family. My sister gave me this necklace as a gift years ago–you’ve seen it on this blog before.

These jeans are making  their WIWW debut today. I bought them from a second-hand store called Plato’s Closet for $3 several years ago. Once a year or so, Plato’s Closet holds a 50% off jeans sale. I purchased these after my no-spend year of May 2013 to May 2014. They fit great and feel great, although the zipper is really pesky and slips down once in a while. Long shirts help (and now I know why jeans in such great shape ended up in a consignment store–the original owner probably couldn’t tolerate the wandering zipper). And, of course, my boots…ubiquitous, they are. A practically free-to-me outfit.

And I realized I haven’t told you about my make-up! Blush and lipstick are both hand-me-downs. Now, before you judge, let me assure you that these 2 were NOT used when I got them. Somebody had left them new and pristine on the give-away table at my husband’s office. My eye-liner is homemade, mostly with activated charcoal that comes in capsules and some shea butter. I used to make homemade mascara, too, and used the charcoal primarily for that purpose, until Vivian sent me some mascara–so that’s also a hand-me-down.

I put cocoa powder (yes, the kind that you use for baking) in my eyebrows. The color matches, and I have a good brush for it; it works. Cheap, y’all.

Now that we’ve covered that minutiae, tell me…Got any great Wear It Well Wednesday pics to share with me? I’d love to have you as a guest blogger. In the meantime, find something purple that you love to wear. I promise, it’s not the kiss of death.



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