When Your Jeans Lead You To Surrender

In the summer of 2015, our family spent weeks living in the homes of friends (and the parents of friends) as we sold our former house and then moved into a new-to-us home. During that time, my workouts were sparse, even nonexistent. We ate lots of fast-food; I drank lots of excess sweet tea and ate heaps of chocolate–and not the good-for-you, barely sweet, very dark kind (Have you ever eaten chocolate that’s 99% cacao? It’s so un-sweet, it’s almost salty.)

I put on a few pounds that summer (more than 5? less than 8?), and I’ve been gradually shedding it (and then some). I’ve been feeling healthy, and it feels good. {Side note:  I’ve been using this workout plan.} As I’ve progressed, I’ve gauged my improvement by trying on a pair of jeans handed down to me from my sister.

I’ve never put these jeans in a drawer or hung them in a closet; they are missing a button, so I’ve never worn them. And they’ve been too snug to wear, anyway. They were expensive when my sister first got them over a decade ago, and it’s been a semi-dream/semi-goal to repair the button and wear them one day. I knew that they’d likely never truly fit (they ARE a small size, and I DO have hip bones), but every time I could pull these jeans a little farther over my hips, get a little closer to zipping them up, I felt I’d taken a step forward.

I liked these jeans and wanted to keep them, but I held the idea of wearing them on an open palm. (Notice all the past tense in those previous verbs.) Until tonight…

I finished a tough round of exercises and remembered that a pair of khakis I’d put on yesterday felt looser around the thighs. So I thought I’d give these expensive, hand-me-down jeans a try tonight. Reaching into the closet to fetch them (remember I didn’t hang them up or put them in a drawer), I noticed they were under a big bag of craft supplies. At times, they’ve even been IN the craft bag–it saves space that way.

But when I pulled them out? The good news:  They’d never fit so well up to this point. The bad news:  See for yourself.


No, they aren’t fashionably torn. Originally, they had two intact legs. Here’s what happened…Earlier this week, Woodrow asked if he could use the craft supplies if he took care to put everything back when he finished. I readily agreed. Those supplies are used by the whole family. And we have not one but 2 pairs of old jeans in that bag we’ve used for various projects, both of which the boys have used before. Woodrow worked on his project–pocket knife holders–by himself, and I applauded his initiative and creativity. He thought this pair was another one up for grabs when it came to crafts.

Look at that, y’all. I don’t even think I can make shorts out of them. They have now become craft supplies; they officially belong in the craft bag now.

There’s a lesson here, I’m sure. I don’t think I had an unhealthy relationship with this piece of clothing; they were mostly just my Motivation Jeans. But maybe the take-away is…Don’t depend on the fit of a pair of jeans to make you feel good. Be happy with  progress and health regardless of how the expensive jeans fit. And if the pair you think you really love never, ever fit? Lay it down. Let it go. Surrender. Which I plan to do, just as soon as I get over it.




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