Wear It Well Wednesday: Winter Layers

This past weekend brought some genuinely cold weather for Orlando. On Friday night, the temperature dropped to the mid-30’s–and I was delighted! As much as being cold (and not being able to get warm) makes me feel absolutely deprived, I welcome any frigid weather we get here because I know it’s exceedingly rare.

I needed to dress more warmly on Sunday than I normally do, so this is the outfit I assembled. My cup runneth over with hand-me-downs, y’all! Both our friend Vivian and my aunt Anna bestowed heaps of second-hand items upon me over the holidays. I’ve sold a fair amount of it to help fund our Women of Vision giving projects (we’re getting close to our 2nd goal of $400 to support clean water projects undertaken by World Vision.) Much of what I didn’t sell will travel overseas to Cru staff who can use it; other pieces I kept for my own wardrobe.

Behold, this week’s Wear It Well Wednesday installment:  Hand-me-down khaki pants from my mama; shoes (short boots, which are called ‘booties,’ I think) from Anna, along with the dark purple jacket. I can’t remember if the dove gray tank is from Anna or Vivian (Thanks to both you ladies, though!) The necklace came from Vivian, too.


We took this picture outside a shop called the Coffee Garden, which I’ve visited once for a chat with a friend. I’ve wanted to shoot a WIWW photo here for months, but I needed to wait for the political signs to be taken away, since they obscured the colorful picket fence. But today, I got my shot!

What about you–how are you layering for the cold this winter?


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