A Letter to Myself on My Birthday

This past week, I celebrated my birthday. My family let me sleep in that morning, so the day certainly started well and then got better and better. A card from a friend, a text from my brother, a package from my parents, a box of goodies from my sister-in-law, handmade cards from the boys…And our home school day went well, too.

girl jumping with red boots

I read a book in 2017 called Choosing Real:  An Invitation to Celebrate When Life Doesn’t Go as Planned, and in it, the author mentioned how she writes a letter to herself  each year on her birthday. Even though it was just September when I read this book, I jotted down a note to write a birthday letter to myself come January.

Here’s the one I penned for myself (for the first time ever)…

Dear Allison,

God’s healing never stops! Receive the healing that He is working in you now, and keep walking in that hope, a confident hope in the fact that His power is at work. Victory in everything that matters will overflow as you walk in His hope.

Learn to stop being self-aggressive and to revel in all the mercy He gives you. Remember that you are created in Christ Jesus to do good works which God prepared in advance for you to do. Enjoy partnering with Him in those good works!

hearts with daisies

Expect the unexpected. Keep your eyes wide open and see through the eyes of faith. 

You’re 44 now, and you know yourself well. Do what makes you come alive! And, please, at least CONSIDER learning to go to bed earlier. 

Never underestimate dancing to loud music in front of the bedroom mirror as the mood lifter it truly is. And remember to continue not caring when your dental hygienist explains to you how to get your teeth whiter. Laugh as much as you can, even if it’s just to the extreme burping video on Facebook. A cheerful heart is good medicine. Let God heal you that way, too.

Until next year, Allison




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